Sector Focus.
Tailored Process.
Outsized Opportunity.


Research, Respect, and Relationships Drive Our Process

We work diligently to establish thoughtful, mutually beneficial connections between top private equity firms and the founders and owners of leading technology, software, and tech-enabled services companies. Our PE clients trust us with one of their most important tasks—finding great companies. Founders and company owners know that we also have their best interests in mind. Each client engagement is high-touch with senior-level attention from start to finish.

We don’t waste anyone’s time and only create connections that make mutual sense. This starts with a real understanding of our private equity clients’ values, theses, partnership philosophy, and operating style. We take care to establish a solid foundation with each client to skillfully articulate the firm’s value-add, industry expertise, and the experience a company owner can expect to have should they choose to enter into a transaction.


We Listen to Understand and Add Value

We also do one critical thing most in our industry fail to do—we listen to understand, not just to respond. In each conversation we have with company owners, we overlay our clients’ priorities with those of the company owner. If there’s a match, that’s a great day. If it’s not a fit, we press forward. Our clients are not interested in long lists of companies that are not right for their fund theses or firm values, just as company owners do not have time to take meetings that will go nowhere. We focus on actionable opportunities and excellent matches.

We navigate each client engagement with attention to detail and thoughtful execution. Ether promises each client:

  • Diligent Research
  • Meaningful Relationship Cultivation
  • Thoughtful Navigation of Transition

Senior-Level Attention from Start to Finish

Our clients benefit from senior-level leadership and attention with each mandate. We know that making an excellent first impression on a company owner is imperative—we do not rely on junior level staff to engage with C-suite executives on our clients’ behalf.


Focused on the Industries We Know Best


We don’t take on engagements outside of our core verticals. We specialize and are selective so that we can bring our clients sector knowledge and a strong network of contacts.





Creating Win-Win Partnerships


Success to us is not only finding our clients fantastic companies, but ensuring we’ve helped create strategic partnerships that inspire success where both partners benefit.

About Our Founder

Sal Piscopo

Connect with Sal on LinkedIn

Sal Piscopo is the founder and managing director of Ether Advisory Partners. Sal brings a strong track record of over 15 years of successful M&A, corporate strategy, and corporate development expertise to Ether’s clients and serves as a key part of M&A strategy formulation and execution. Prior to founding Ether in 2012, Sal spent 5 years in buyside M&A consulting to private equity. Earlier in his career, he spent 3 years as a legal research analyst focused on the software sector.

Sal received his B.A. from Syracuse University and his J.D. from New York Law School with concentrations in Corporate and Intellectual Property Law.