Company Owners

We Create Win-Win Partnerships for Company Owners and Private Equity Firms

Leading private equity firms hire Ether to find great founders and owners like you. We focus exclusively on the Tech, Software, and Tech-Enabled Services industries, developing deep relationships with the private equity firms that know your industry.

We know you don’t have time to take meetings that make no sense. In each conversation we have, we overlay our clients’ priorities with the company owner’s. If there’s a match, that’s a great day. If it’s not a fit, we press forward. Success to us is not only finding our clients fantastic companies but ensuring we’ve helped create strategic partnerships that inspire success where both partners benefit.

“We would get inquiries routinely, and they would usually sound like a telemarketing call. As a founder, you get the sense quickly if someone is trying to push you or speed you through a dialogue. With Ether, it was different. Sincerity and listening were the most important factors—they take more of an artisan approach to understanding your company.”

Tamer Ali
Former President of Digital Ignite, acquired by a former portfolio holding of The Riverside Company

Our clients are typically looking to partner with or acquire businesses with:

Enterprise Values range

$5M – $250M


$1M – $25M

  • Majority or Complete Buyouts
  • Minority/Growth Equity
  • Recapitalizations
  • Divestitures
  • Partial Liquidity/Family Transactions
  • Strategic Add-on Acquisitions for Existing Portfolio Holding

Frequently Asked Questions


Ether Advisory Partners has been providing buyside advisory services to leading private equity firms since 2012. Our clients trust our team to develop meaningful connections with business owners in the tech, software, and tech-enabled service industries. Ether has facilitated dozens of mutually beneficial transactions in our target industries.


Company owners who choose to have a conversation with Ether are doing just that—having a conversation. You are under no obligation to meet with our private equity clients or engage in a transaction. We respect the confidentiality and sensitive nature of these discussions, and you will only ever speak with our senior-level team.We listen to understand, not just to respond. Many of the conversations we have are exploratory, but some may lead to mutually beneficial introductions to our clients.


Our work is at no cost to company owners, and we are not trying to sell you anything. Our private equity clients hire us to find and meet great companies.


Ether Advisory Partners is not a business brokerage or traditional investment banking firm. It does not work with business owners to run sell-side business sale processes. Ether is a buy-side mergers and acquisitions origination firm that performs industry research and executes specific targeted searches in support of the acquisition and investment objectives of its private equity clients. When executing a search, Ether does not contact the ownership or management of a business unless it has been mandated to do so by one of its clients. Our team will always be transparent about that in our communications with business owners.